What is the Koruku cork mat made of?

The Koruku yoga and fitness mat is made entirely from 100% natural and sustainably harvested materials. The cork surface is made of cork bark harvested from cork oak trees. The cork bark is regularly trimmed from the trees by hand, which is important for these trees' long-term health. The rubber bottom is made of all-natural rubber from rubber trees and contains no PVC, TPE, EVA, or other toxic or synthetic materials.

How do I take care of my mat?

Always lay the mat out flat or hang to dry if needed after a session. Do not fold or crease the mat; roll it up to store it like you would with any other yoga mat. As an added tip, sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet will go before your session for added traction and stronger grip. 

How much does shipping cost?

We cover the cost of shipping, so your Koruku mat is shipped to you free of charge anywhere in the UK or continental Europe.

What is the weight and size?

We have carefully chosen the materials for the Koruku mat to make it as light a possible - it weighs only 2,1kg.  The mat's dimensions are 183 x 61 cm (72 x 24 inches), and it is 4mm thick. 

Can I print my logo on the mat?

Yes! If you are a wholesaler we offer you the option of having your logo printed on your mat at no extra charge. Please get in touch for more details.

Where can I buy the Koruku mat?

Currently only on this website, however we are in discussions with a number of retailers about carrying our product. Stay tuned!