Bringing you back to nature

The Koruku mat is an eco-friendly and all-natural yoga and fitness cork mat containing no synthetic or chemical materials such as PVC and TPE. Our mat is made from cork bark harvested from cork oak trees in Portugal, with a 100% natural and renewable rubber base tapped from rubber trees. The Koruku mat is highly durable and long-lasting, and is anti-microbial and self-cleaning, so it will never develop an unpleasant smell. It is beautiful to practice or train on and has a non-slip surface, whose grip increases when wet – perfect for hot yoga or any other sweaty session!

We love using all-natural products, and we are committed to caring for our planet - therefore we have teamed up with charity organization One Tree Planted where we for every mat sold PLANT A TREE in Kenya or Indonesia to prevent deforestation.

Why Cork


Grip wet or dry: cork is comprised of suberin, a wax-like natural substance whose grip increases when wet. The absorbent cork top layer bonded to a natural tree rubber base gives you cushion, stability, and a responsive grip.

Anti-microbial surface

Cork is a hypoallergenic, self-cleaning, and anti-microbial material. There is no need to clean the mat after use because cork naturally kills germs and bacteria, and it will therefore never develop an unpleasant smell.


Cork is a unique and natural raw material that is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Cork bark is harvested sustainably from cork oak trees only once every 9 years. No trees are harmed in the production of cork; in fact, the trimming of the cork bark prolongs the life of the trees and is important to their health. On top of this, cork is a sustainable natural resource whose harvest supports the unique eco-systems that develop around cork plantations.

Washable and quick-drying

The cork mat is hand-washable and does not absorb water, allowing the mat to dry in minutes. The cork mat is also waterproof yet breathable just like human skin, and therefore no towel is needed.

Long lasting

Cork is a very strong and resistant material and easy to maintain and care for.

Buy Cork Mat

100% natural cork mat made of sustainable cork and tree rubber, containing no PVC, TPE, EVA
Size: 72 x 24 in or 183 x 61 cm, 4 mm thick
Weight: 2.1 kg
* As cork is a natural product, some small irregularities may occur

Our Story

Koruku is an eco-friendly company devoted to delivering quality products and services to our customers. We love using all-natural products, and we are committed to caring for our planet. We love yoga and fitness, and therefore we have created a 100% natural and recyclable yoga and fitness cork mat that is an eco-friendly alternative to the common plastic mat. On top of this, cork is a unique and beautiful natural resource that provides the perfect surface for your workout or yoga practice. You will truly feel at one with nature when practicing on a Koruku cork mat.

The founders of Koruku have roots in Italy, Denmark, and Canada. What we all have in common is a love for exercise, nature, food, and well-being. Koruku was founded in London in 2016 with the mission to provide the world with a beautiful, eco-friendly, and functional mat. The combination of a cork surface and natural rubber base creates a perfect grip for any user regardless of the activity, and we are proud to introduce the Koruku mat to you. We know that you are going to love it as much as we do!